Saturday, March 23, 2013

David Slone | New Automobile Trends

David Slone Automobile Trends
David Slone is the General Sales Manager for Weld County Garage. Slone is proud of the success the dealership has achieved during his time there and is optimistic about developments in the automobile industry for 2013. 

David Slone describes Weld County Garage as “one of the most amazing dealerships in the country.” His extensive industry experience, initiative, and leadership have made it possible for David Slone to build an outstanding leadership team. With the assistance of his team of top-notch professionals, David Slone is determined to help the already successful Weld County Garage become the number one Buick and GMC dealer in the western region and a top ten used car dealership in Colorado.

David Slone has more than twenty years of experience leading companies from startup, through growth to a successful, established business status. For the past several years, new car sales, industry-wide, have been well below the 15-16 million per year that has typically been seen in the past.

New car sales were up substantially in 2012 to around 12-13 million, and many experts think this year could see sales figures of 15-16 million again, reports David Slone. David Slone says that according to market research firm Polk, sales of new vehicles are predicted to surpass 15 million this year. Many experts believe the improving economy and growth in the large pickup truck sector has helped to make this number achievable. In the past, the auto sector has been one of the key areas in economic recovery and experts believe it is likely to continue to be major factor in the recovery of the U.S. economy.

David Slone points out that several recent studies show the majority of vehicles have now been in service for nearly a decade. Roughly twenty percent are at least sixteen years old. Auto loan interest rates are at, or near, historical lows. Because of this and other factors, industry leaders are increasingly optimistic that the auto industry is heading toward some extremely good years. It's a great time to buy! All of this is exciting news for David Slone and his team.

David Slone thrives on challenges, especially those that increase a company’s potential. One of Slone’s future objectives is to help companies become leaders in their particular fields. He is interested in assisting companies in creating management teams. Slone also hopes to offer management training to small and medium sized companies.

A man of many varied talents and interests, David Slone recently launched a new business with his daughter, Amber Slone, called Like Father, Like Daughter Photography. David Slone and his wife of twenty-five years live in Colorado with their two children.


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