Tuesday, March 19, 2013

David Slone Believes Life Is a Journey - Not a Destination

David Slone Journey
For David Slone, life has been an incredible journey. The self-made entrepreneur, company President, former pastor, and motivational speaker describes life as a wonderful and remarkable journey that has taken him down a road of happiness, love, and growth–but also pain and hardship.

Each person has his or her own journey, explains David Slone, yet we all go through similar struggles and emotions. Life’s journey is about the man or woman we are becoming, and not about all the things we are getting, says David Slone. At times, we get so caught up with personal goals and focus so intently on the end results that we miss out on the lessons learned through the journey. This is the time to enjoy the ride; the destination is only 5% of the journey. The ride is the majority of life, believes David Slone, so he encourages to grab it by the horns.

In order to experience a successful journey in life, it is crucial to keep negativity out of our heads, says David Slone. The Scriptures teach us that we should surround ourselves with good people. According to 1 Corinthians 15:33 – “Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits.” David Slone says there is always room for improvement, but there is no room for quitters.

David Slone knows firsthand that business is not easy, and he points out that life is even harder. It is essential to work hard at both and never quit. Remember that a good business does not make life, reminds David Slone, but a life can make a good business. We need to set realistic goals in life and realize that while the journey is not an easy one, it is well worth it. It’s up to us to add life to our years. Most importantly, concludes David Slone, celebrate life and all of the victories achieved along the way.


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