About David Slone

David Slone
David Slone has built his career with drive, passion, and leadership. Currently, David Slone is the General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager for Weld County Garage. He is building a highly successful management team to lead the company to new sales records.

Slone’s business career began in 1991 when he started Amber’s Video Production, a company specializing in videotaping weddings and other special events. It wasn’t long before the company that started in a spare bedroom became a top event video production company in the state. After witnessing the company’s huge success for five solid years, David Slone sold Amber’s Video Production to pursue another career.

In 1999, David Slone was hired as a National Sales Manager by Macrosystem US, a national manufacturer of video production devices. Soon after, David Slone became President of Macrosystem. His focus on collaborative team-building and commitment to meeting customer demands enabled him to make Macrosystem US the third fastest growing company in Colorado.

After 13 years in the corporate world, David Slone started a ministry to homeless children in Brazil and began pastoring a small church. His passion for helping the less fortunate as well as his faith and determination allowed him to grow a successful ministry serving the poor in Brazil.

At present, David Slone is paying close attention to Weld County Garage. David Slone finds his greatest motivation in coaching others to perform beyond expectations. His objective is to push companies to their full potential and become the best in their field.

David Slone and his wife and two children reside in Colorado. In his spare time, David Slone indulges in photography and travels with his wife, Stacey. David Slone recently started a small photography business with their daughter, Amber. David Slone approaches his personal and business life with a can-do-attitude.


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